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The Ghost Series

Welcome to the "Unvisible".  A new term to describe a philosophy of dancing between the raindrops.  A lifestyle where standards are measured and set to establish lasting wealth (mind, body, spirit and money) and to make visible the designed to fail programs.

The Ghost Series lifestyle examines and describes the best of the best for reasons beyond the original "merchant and client" interface.  We look to the transaction as a beginning, middle, end and beginning. Our purpose is to evidence not only how product is purchased, but how it lasts, how it fails and recovers.  We believe that life is not only about failing, it is about getting up again and implementing what was learned.


At the Ghost Series we will always pass forward what was learned.  Time to dance! 


Who We Are

The idea behind the purpose is to recognize the style and the character of life that postures the "best of the best". It is the notice of product and service with substance far greater than its' appearance. 

This is the world of the "unvisible" where people and products pass right by you without a sound.  These are moments in your life where you don't quite know what you missed, but you remember that it was there.   

"Welcome to this "unvisible" world where we dance between the raindrops so that we never miss a moment of character and beauty...Mind, Body, Spirit and Money"    Doc Finnucci 2017

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Ghosted = To stand within the storm and dance between the raindrops; To be 1 in a million and never 1 of a million.


At the Ghost Series, we recognize that  in this fast and busy world, every minute counts. We take a proactive approach, not just to be first but to be accurate, detailed and fair. We look for style and character in our daily lives.  Those interactions that we may be taking for granted and dismissing as normal.  We bring back the reminders of what we found beautiful in simplicity with detail. Our job is to refresh and reboot what is missing from what you already have.  Go back, go sideways, remember and then move forward.   Dr. M. Finnucci

Character, Style and Excellence


The Financial System is changing and we are changing with it.  It is globally acknowledged that "money" is best with a tangible attachment that represents "true value in exchange".

Stock Exchange
House with Pool

Distraction - Coming Soon!

The Ghost Series is here to provide all of our clients an unsurpassed range of concierge and luxury lifestyle management solutions. This specific service is designed to enhance your life, while managing your time and resources effectively. 

Movement - Coming Soon!

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, the Ghost Series offers our clients a number of VIP service choices to cater to your preferred level of assistance. Our dedicated team of specialists work around the clock and around the world to ensure your wishes are always fulfilled. To experience the world of luxury, 

A Yacht at Sea
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Refueling  - Coming Soon!

The Ghost Series is your ticket to the best that life has to offer. With this service, and with all of our services, our team works day and night to provide the perfect combination of luxury and lifestyle solutions. Interested in learning more about our concierge services and how you can book any of them? Get in touch with us now.

the GHOSTED Bank Card

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, the Ghost series offers our "Ghosted" clients a number of VIP service choices to cater to your preferred level of assistance. You've been GHOSTED with the receipt of the "GHOST" series card ONLY.  It is official with its' registered and custom "QR code".  Each card functioning on our multifunctional blockchain database.

"Taking really good things and making them better"

- The Ghost Series



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