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The 8 Rules to Working Within the "Layer Cake"

In every business and personal interaction you will face multiple challenges. These challenges are from at least 2 points of approach. The ones you see coming and the ones you don't. It is safe to say that each interaction creates what we at "the Ghost series" call the "layer cake" affect.

The "layer cake" affect is based on multiple interests that are affected by each interaction YOU participate in. Although, you don't consider this on a day to day basis, you should. You will recognize the "layer cake" event each time you hear, "I don't know what happened. Everything was going as planned and then it just fell apart".

We don't, as a social community, think this way because of our conditioning. And it is a conditioning at every social-economic level in our society. However, we do have a choice and that's our blessing and our tool. Here's an example our the "layer cake" in action in our "day-to-day" lives.

Buy/Sell Real Property (Residential) - Who is Involved in this "mundane" transaction aka the "American dream"?

  • Seller

  • Seller Agent

  • Escrow

  • Title (Title Insurance)

  • County Recorders Office

  • Buyer

  • Buyer Agent

  • Apprasier

  • Home Inspector

  • Home Appliance Insurance

  • Treasurer Tax Collector (Property Tax)

  • Internal Revenue Service (capital gains)

  • Buyer Lawyer

  • Seller Lawyer

  • Mortgage Lender (Creditor)

  • Federal Reserve Policy (current and forward) question

  • Economic environment question

  • Investment time frame question

  • Next best alternative investment question

  • Rent versus Buy question

This is the shortlist once again, but with the foundational players in your "American Dream" decision. Here are the "8-Rules" for understanding any "layer cake".

  • Determine who you are, where you are and where you want to be. ​

  • Understand that everyone you work with will have an agenda, you must learn what it is and work with it.

  • Agenda's are never "good or bad", they are only a MEASURE of limitations.

  • You do not have to like the people you work with.​

  • NEVER rely on a person's "TITLE" to measure their abilities or their business model.

  • TITLE is a generic reputation and a socially defined identity.

  • CHARACTER is who you really are. ​

  • Understand the "business model" of all sides of your challenge.

  • The people you "pay" are not always working in your best interests.

  • The "business model" should be vetted at the beginning.​

  • Understand the disciplines of the participants on all sides of the challenge.​

  • Understand cause, effect and collateral damage positions (multi-dimensional thinking).​

  • Do not accept PRESUMPTION from any participant in YOUR efforts to "resolve" a challenge or YOU will drown.

  • PRETEND YOU DON'T SWIM and focus on building the BRIDGE.

  • Connect the dots to understanding, THEN allege and prove.​

  • Design and Execute a Plan of Action.

The purpose of the "layer cake" is for each player to get what they believe is in their best interest. Try doing a transaction with the understanding of the players in the "layer cake" and clarity will have a whole new meaning for you. "Social community conditioning gave you the presumption pond. The Ghost Series gives you the tools to build the bridge." Doc Finnucci 2018

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